Help Chris and Erin share Jesus in South East Asia

We hope to reach people in South East Asia, most of whom are gripped in great spiritual fear and darkness. We hope to be involved in evangelism, as well as in training and equipping pastors and Christian leaders to share Jesus with their people.
Chris and Erin
$23,983 raised of $50,000 goal

Chris and Erin need a group of committed friends and family to establish their long-term ministry with CMS in South East Asia.

They will be training for cross-cultural ministry at St Andrew’s Hall from July 2021. After this they will build partnerships with Australian churches before, God-willing, leaving for South East Asia in mid-2022.

Your generous support in this launch fund will go towards training and establishing Chris and Erin’s ministry in South East Asia, which includes:

  • Housing allowance
  • Training costs at St Andrew’s Hall
  • Flights to South East Asia
  • Set up costs
  • Language study
Will you be part of the team who helps to establish Chris and Erin’s vital ministry?
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